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As a freelance editor, Zoey has collaborated with artists including FKA Twigs, Skrillex, Lil Uzi Vert, Maejor, Poo Bear, and Shawn Mendes, on a wide variety of projects in the music space ranging from behind the scenes clips to wild and bright music videos. She has also worked with several high profile fashion brands including Valentino, Loewe, Onitsuka Tiger, and Tiffany & Co. Recently, she’s edited branded content and reality television for long term client, Westbrook Media, a production company owned and operated by Will Smith. A New York native and graduate of Syracuse University’s filmmaking program, Peck has come a long way since her journey as an editor began at the age of twelve, cutting homemade music videos on iMovie.

Says Zoey: “I’m very inspired by both music and fashion, which reveal themselves in almost everything I do. When I work on a music video, I want to make it stylish. When I work on a fashion piece, there’s always a musical flow. I’m constantly looking for ways to cross pollinate these two things to make for something surprising and unique. Ultimately, as an editor, I take the work of the cinematographer, director, talent, etc., and bring it all together, like a symphony. I get to elevate the work of all the people that came before me. That is always my goal, and I look forward to furthering that mission at Ethos.”

Ethos’ founder and executive producer, James Drew says of Zoey: “Zoey has an obsessive and exacting eye when it comes to a film looking as best as it possibly can. Her fixation on fonts should’ve been the first tip off, but also her work speaks for itself, it’s all very beautiful. She puts the hero and the heart of the pieces front and centre, slicing away everything extra. Zoey’s also great to work with and she’s so highly collaborative, everyone at Ethos is thrilled to have her on board.”

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