We have a Roster!


Post-production house Ethos Studio marks another significant moment of growth with the establishment of an official roster of editors, colourists, and a sound mixer.  

While Ethos has always had a group of artists that they work with, this represents the first time they are listing a traditional directory of names on their website. This shift promotes greater ease and transparency for their clients, with the ability to reference an artists’ individual work experience. Brand new additions to the roster include Brian Raess, Dante Pasquinelli, and Loz. They join Chad Sarahina, Kaitlyn Battistelli, Patrick Moccia, who have all been with Ethos since its founding in 2019 and have been integral to the development of the company.

Intrinsically, Ethos is a company that is nimble and adapts easily to the continuous and rapid changes within the industry. The thoughtfully curated team is similarly open-minded and collaborative in nature, and they remain committed to continuing to build a company that is diverse and inclusive. Currently, Ethos has two colourists, three editors, and one sound mixer. As they continue to look for talent to join them, they are mindful to take their time to find people who align with the studio’s core creative and business values.

“Everyone on the roster is not only a killer artist but also a good hang,” says James Drew, founder and executive producer of Ethos. “They’re all such cool and creative people. It’s so important to keep the company culture good, and that starts with the people. As we grow and improve our offering to our clients, we intend to retain the same ethos that we were founded under - provide beautiful work and a seamless process.” 

All three roster additions boast impressive backgrounds as artists, creating work for a variety of leading brands and clients. Dante Pasquinelli is a colourist with an alchemical touch and editorial sensibility. His illustrious body of work for luxury brands spans clients such as Gucci, Armani, Lanvin, and Fendi, with celebrities like Billie Eilish, Lebron James, and Kendall Jenner. Brian Raess is an editor who frequently works with huge directing and creative talent on animated and live-action music videos and commercials. He has also worked in development on several feature films for Disney, Netflix, Universal, Nickelodeon, Mythos Studios, and Paramount. Raess previously worked with Drew at Electric Theatre Collective. London-born music producer Loz brings an extra level of creative dimensionality to the work he does with Ethos. He has worked with artists like The Weeknd and Bad Bunny and brands such as Lululemon, Nike, Vulture Magazine, and New Balance.