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Making the Grade: Kaitlyn Battistelli

Kaitlyn Battistelli has been with Ethos since the beginning. A life-long artist, Kaitlyn started off as a runner at MPC after graduating from MassArt in Boston. While working as a receptionist at ETC, Kaitlyn became hooked on the craft of colouring while observing the work of her fellow creatives. Titled a shots Rising Star in 2018, Kaitlyn is known for her fun and vibrantly hued films spanning across a diverse range of platforms. Her most notable projects include 070 Shake’s ‘Nice to Have,’ Joywave’s ‘Obsession,’ Moses Sumney’s ‘Cut Me,’ Ke$ha’s ‘My Own Dance,’ and Bad Bunny’s ‘Hablos Manana’ and ‘Pero Ya No.’ Commercially, she has worked for brands including Fender, Wrangler, and Lola. Kaitlyn values the process of collaboration, working with artists and creatives from the start of a project and ensure colour helps to effortlessly move every tale forward.

LBB> What was your first experience with the world of colour grading – and when did you decide that being a colourist was a role that you wanted to pursue?

Kaitlyn> My first job in this industry was as a runner at a big post house in Santa Monica and at the time me and all the other runners were all encouraged to watch and learn from the senior staff there. I remember peeking into a dark room and seeing a colourist working and I was intrigued enough to stick around and watch. That was my first experience of colour grading, but it was really months after then when I had joined ETC LA where I actually got to sit in full grades and learn what the world of colour was really like… I never looked back!


LBB> What was the project that you felt really changed your career?

Kaitlyn> It’s hard to pinpoint a single job that has been career-changing. I feel lucky to get to work with such talented people who all bring me great projects, all of which have contributed towards my career. One of those people is director Allie Avital, who I’m constantly inspired by and in awe of.  I was lucky enough early in my career as a colorist to have been introduced to her. Our first job together was a Nao music video she was working on during a visit to LA. We hit it off pretty quickly and fast forward five years later, we’re still collaborating! 

I did some music videos last year that picked up a slew of awards at various festivals: Joywave’s ‘Obsession’ (directed by Laura Gorun, Cooper Roussel, and Dimitri Basil) and 070shake’s ‘Nice To Have' (directed by Noah Lee). And recently I was double nominated at AICP for best commercial colour grade for Etsy ‘Name’ and Kaiser Permanente ‘Thrive.’ So I guess those four jobs feel pretty career-changing! 

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