From Audio Mixing to Color Mastery: Meet Cameron Marygold

Colorist Cameron Marygold, LA-based Ethos Studio’s new star, is making his mark by adding vibrant hues to the world of post-production. Initially an audio-mixing engineer, Marygold's pivot to coloring film has been as seamless as one of his smoothest grades. With a portfolio including SZA's 2022 album launch film and Nike's marketing campaigns, he's a rising star to watch.

Marygold, as down-to-earth as he is talented, credits his successful career transition to both his prior sound mixing experience and the pandemic-enforced free time that let him dive into color theory. While he enjoys the technical aspects of color grading, it’s the collaboration and creativity that make the work truly rewarding for him. His advice to aspiring colorists? Simple: develop great taste. A good colorist, he argues, enhances the narrative without stealing the show.

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