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Double Trouble..

Ethos Studio is thrilled to welcome Sam Cesan as post producer and Dylan Palley as production coordinator to their downtown Los Angeles studio, signifying an important time of growth for the company. Founded in April 2019 by Jerad Anderson, Ethos has quickly established a reputation for its excellence in post production craft.  

Samantha (Sam) Cesan brings her years of brand experience to Ethos as their new post producer. A third generation native of Venice Beach, Cesan landed in the world of commercial post-production first as the receptionist at Whitehouse Post. She quickly moved into the role of producer at Carbon Visual Effects, where she worked with many renowned brands, including Google, Mattel, and Old Navy. 

Says Sam: "I'm stoked to be joining such a diverse team where I will be working alongside so many talented collaborators! I’m so inspired by Ethos’ growth and by what we are building together."

Born in Atlantic City, New Jersey and raised in Los Angeles, Dylan Palley developed an interest in editing, visual effects, and motion graphics while studying Creative Writing and Film & Digital Media at UC Santa Cruz. After graduating, he returned to Los Angeles and began his career with FLORENCE, a production company specializing in commercial and documentary film. He returns to his love of post-production with the joining of Ethos. 

“I’m inspired every day by my teammates here at Ethos,” remarks Palley. “I look forward to continuing to hone my craft by learning from some of the best artists in the business.” 

James Drew, partner and executive producer, says: “We are enjoying a very exciting time at Ethos with the expansion of our team and new office space in Los Angeles. The studio was built on the understanding that ours is an ever-evolving industry that requires constant forward-thinking. Sam and Dylan understand this as well and are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and advancement in their craft. We look forward to growing alongside them.”

Ethos Studio is an adaptive post-production studio integrating deep experience with newer, better ways of doing things. With fully integrated remote systems, our award-winning team of young artists collaborates with clients worldwide on a range of creative editorial, colour, and VFX projects. Intrinsically nimble, Ethos represents a new way of approaching post, built on value, simplicity, and collaboration. The result is beautiful work and a seamless process. We make things look better.

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