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Another producer? Yes please!

Hailing from near Atlanta, Sarah earned her undergraduate at the University of Georgia. A fortuitous internship at a large advertising agency in Chicago led to employment post-graduation, where she produced social content for major brands such as Ziploc, Off!, and Kerrygold.

“I pretty much always knew I wanted to be a producer, but I always thought I would end up in TV,” says Sarah. “I count my incredible mentors, especially Elena Robinson (now HOP at OKR&P) and Christien Tuttle (HOP at CoMPANY Films) as leading me to such a fulfilling career in advertising. I’m very grateful for their leadership throughout my early years. Now, I’m so thrilled to be joining Ethos and the incredible people who comprise this insanely creative company.”

“Sarah is a creative problem solver, an advocate for brands and artists, and an efficient worker,” says James Drew, partner/executive producer at Ethos. “She enables a safe space for all involved - from the agency to the brand, and the artists and crew who are coming together to fulfil a vision. We are honoured to have both her expertise and her great energy.” 

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