Hitachi – Duality (Director’s Cut)

Color, Edit, and VFX by ETHOS
EP – James Drew
Producer – Sahir Champion
Editor – Chad Sarahina
Colorist – Kaitlyn Battistelli
VFX – Joe Sill, Andrew Finch

Production – SIOUXX
EPs – Andreas Neumann, Khadija Donatelli
Creative Directors – Ken Hanada, Andreas Neumann
Sound Design by One Thousand Birds
Sound Designer – Jackie Zhou
Executive Producer – Kira MacKnight
Producer – KT Pipal

Visual Effects by Frame 48
Executive Director: Tom Teller
Executive Producer: Julian Conner
Creative Producer: Seth Josephson
CG Generalist: Ben Jannasch

Visual Effects by Chapeau Studios
Creative Directors: Lauren Mayer-Beug, Jesse Hoy
Managing Director: Karuna Venter
Producer: Marie de Leon




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