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Color Assistant

The role of the color assistant is to support color grading operations from ingest to delivery. The color assistant works with the senior colonist and producer to fill a variety of roles as necessary for the completion of projects. 

The ideal candidate is a person with experience in color grading and post production looking to increase their experience level and abilities across a huge variety of projects in a fast-paced professional environment. The experience gained in this role are the building blocks for a career in color grading. 


  • Coordinating drives and digital prep media.
  • Solid underdstanding of EDL/XML workflows.
  • Perform basic and advanced conform functions matching the camera raw footage to the edited timeline for color grading.
  • Color grading ‘pick up’ shots, matching to the colonists master grade. 
  • Communicating with clients to answer prep/workflow questions to ensure project handoff is smooth.
  • Managing server capacity and overall server health.
  • Render and transcode any material required for film, video versions, web, and digital cinema.
  • Create preview Quicktimes on viewable links as needed.
  • Work with the Producer and Colorost artist to complete and QC masters.
  • May require client contact/interaction as needed.
  • Communicate with the Producer and Colorist the status of the work as well as clearly define any issues that may arise.
  • Any other duties as required.


  • 2+ years experience with DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Competence with re-timing and manipulating shots in After Effects or other compositing tools (Nuke)
  • Must be able to work independently with little supervision.
  • Adaptable to change, reliable and dependable.
  • Strong technical background.
  • Solid understanding of color correction, with a good eye for a quality image.
  • Knowledge of film and color science.
  • Must have thorough knowledge of various digital imaging file and data formats.
  • Ability to see detailed imaging issues or technical problems.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Creative problem solver, able to troubleshoot and find workarounds.
  • Resourceful and flexible with sound judgment and autonomy.
  • Must be a team player who can work with the needs of other operators at the facility.
  • Demonstrate initiative and willingness to learn.

If you're interested in coming on board, email with your C.V. along with a bit of info about you!