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Kaitlyn Battistelli

Kaitlyn Battistelli has been with Ethos since the beginning. A life-long artist, Kaitlyn started off as a runner at MPC LA after graduating from MassArt in Boston. But it was whilst working as a receptionist at ETC that Kaitlyn became hooked on the craft of coloring after observing the work of her fellow creatives. Titled a shots Rising Star in 2018, Kaitlyn is known for her fun and vibrantly hued films spanning across a diverse range of platforms. Her most notable projects include 070 Shake’s “Nice to Have,” Joywave’s “Obsession,” and Moses Sumney’s “Cut Me”. Commercially, she has worked for brands including Nike, Adidas, Google, Fender, Wrangler, and Etsy. Kaitlyn values the process of collaboration, working with artists and creatives from the start of a project and ensuring color helps to effortlessly move every tale forward. One day Kaitlyn will move to Maine and live on a farm. Until then you can find her in a blacked-out room in Frogtown.